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  • Coxton.net is a small business which develops, hosts and operates websites. Our primary business is developing and hosting small businesses and non-profit groups with one of  our Internet Service Provider plans,  Plus, we can implement a small business over the Internet from "design to life-cycle maintenance" on our state-of-the-art server. 
  • We add value by being a turn key activity for providing a total cycle of services to complete and maintain a business over the Internet. This includes obtaining Domain Names and working hand-in-hand to ensure your business is appropriate for Internet visibility.
  • Our specialty is to work closely with a non-profit or small business activity to complete an operational Website on our server, from conception through design/development, hosting and  maintenance for at least the first operational year.
  • Under our business concept, it is possible  to design, develop, host, operate and maintain a website for less than a thousand for the complete first year of operation. This would include  a relative small website of about 7 to 12 pages and include obtaining and managing the website's Domain Name for the first year.  For a consultation session, contact Coxton.net by phone (480.310.4251) or email.
  • Also, coxton.net operates several storefront type websites associated with History Books (Fiction and non-fiction) and Community/Alumni Apparel. In addition, we have links to any online newspaper in USA, a house search function and a people search function.

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List of Customers Click for the Listing

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